Mountain Hardwear has opened its first European store in France in Val d'Isere

Along with Sorel and Montrail, the brand is owned by Columbia Sportswear. With highly technical products designed for the outdoors—in particular mountaineering—the company targets experienced mountaineers.

In December, Mountain Hardwear took over a location previously occupied by Nike. Visual Killy Sport.

The brand has opened its first store this winter in the French Alps. Relying on collaboration with the iconic store in Val d'Isere, of Killy Sport.

The store has opened on November 29 in an 80 square foot space previously occupied by Nike.

The opening should allow the brand to show off the extent of its expertize.The multibrand store Killy Sport, meanwhile, includes a Nike SB corner, which also features Burton snowboarding products.

Killy Sport Group is made up of 14 stores, two of which are multibrands. It’s this company, headed by Michel Mignot, that brought Patagonia to Val d'Isere with a two floor, 650 square foot space previously occupied by Element, and which renovated the Savoy ski resort’s Quiksilver store.

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