Mares presents its new range of EOS RZ torches!

Mares is proud to present its new range of torches, the EOS RZ family!

We’ve taken the EOS line of torches and given it even more unique, dive-changing features! With an adjustable zoom, the EOS RZ allows you to change the beam of light according to your dive conditions. As well as this it is rechargeable- you can recharge anywhere using a USB cable connected to a PC or an adapter, and a charging level indicator intuitively shows you when the charge is complete.

The new EOS RZ also features a multi-function magnetic switch which prevents water from leaking into the torch and allows the use to choose from 4 modalities. On the first press you have maximum power, 30% on the second press, flashing on the third, and off on the fourth. To allow for ease-of-use the second command must also happen within 10 seconds to be recognized. After that, the torch turns off immediately when the switch is next pressed.

The torch has been ergonomically designed making it sit perfectly in your grip, giving you complete control, and an adjustable strap provides extra security.
All EOS RZ torches are made of durable, anodized aluminum meaning it really is a great quality product that will last dive after dive.

The EOS RZ family comes in four different models:

- The EOS 12RZ: Great power and extended burn-time (from 120 to 300 minutes based on power level). With 1200 lumens of power, illuminated by three LEDs, it's the most powerful torch in the line, ideal as a main torch that can light a broad spectrum during the dive.

- The EOS 7RZ: It's bright and versatile, an indispensable, compact main torch which has 700 lumens of power and a burn-time of 510 minutes at minimum power.

- The EOS 4RZ: 400 lumens of illumination; perfect as a backup torch thanks to its 150 minutes of burn-time at maximum power and its compact size.

- The EOS 2RZ: Extremely lightweight at 120 grams, it delivers 200 lumens. It is one of the lightest aluminum torches on the market and great as a backup torch.

Which will you choose?

Enjoy some great dives with the new EOS RZ family from Mares!

Enjoy our new video here: http://youtu.be/RXcC4u9WieY

See the product here: http://bit.ly/IM0BkT

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