AXS Snoogee Board Offers Backers Last Chance to Take Advantage of Special Kickstarter Pricing

Backers have less than a week to pre-order this action sports equipment that combines snowboarding and boogie boarding

AUSTRALIA, Dec. 18, 2014 -- The AXS Snoogee Board, a combination of a snowboard and a boogie board, has been running a live campaign on Kickstarter since Nov. 21, 2014. The campaign focuses on raising money to mass produce and distribute the boards. Backers are able to pre-order Snoogee Boards until Sunday, Dec. 21.

The first prototypes of Snoogee Boards were simply bodyboards attached to snowboards by regular board trucks. While this same concept is still present in the manufacturing of the Snoogee Board, the Bateman brothers, Ben and Mick, have made many adjustments to give the sled power, control, and agility. The top deck is now completely rigid, unlike the original bodyboard. This stiff top deck is also concave from nose to tip. These design changes were made to ensure riders were comfortable on the board and to ensure force was concentrated on the bottom board, and not on the rider.

The AXS Snoogee Board is the perfect holiday gift for winter sports junkies. The user lays flat on the top deck, making it easy to use and the perfect sports equipment for all age groups. With the Snoogee Board, users are able to grind on rails and catch air over jumps. Unlike other action sports equipment, this board doesn't require steep hills or fresh powder making it easy to bring extreme sports to any snowy environment with Snoogee.

"The Snoogee Board has been designed to be an accessible, action snow sport board that is easy to ride no matter where you live," said Ben Bateman, the creator of the Snoogee Board. "We're bringing action snow sports out of the mountains and onto the city's hills and streets for the average rider."

The Kickstarter campaign for Snoogee Boards will be ending on Sunday, Dec. 21. Until then, backers can pre-order their own Snoogee Board and be among the first to own one of these unique products.

To learn more about Snoogee Boards visit their Kickstarter page at http://bit.ly/AXSSnoogeeKS.


AXS Sled was founded by brothers, Ben and Michael Bateman. They are driven by their love of action sports. Both brothers are very active in snowboarding, paddle boarding, surfing, longboarding, and other extreme sports. Together, they have created AXS to introduce a new way for adrenalin junkies to enjoy colder weather. The brothers are both Australian natives and believe it's important for everyone to play as hard as they work.

Media Contact: Mary Reed, AXS Snoogee Sled, (252) 675-5086, media@snoogeesleds.com

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