New Sweaty Nation social networking site takes the fitness world by storm

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Dec. 16, 2014 -- The latest player on the social networking scene is tipped to become one of the biggest and best. Sweaty Nation connects fitness lovers around the world as the latest exciting development in a social networking industry that is now worth $9 billion according to IBISWorld.

The social networking industry has boomed over the past decade, since Facebook first began to spread around the world. It is an industry now generating some $9 billion in revenue, according to the latest Social Networking Sites market research report from IBISWorld.

While Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn remain the market leaders for generalized social networking, sector-specific sites are rapidly becoming the place to be as individuals seek to connect online with those with shared interests. The newly launched Sweaty Nation is just such a site.

Avi Woolman, founder of leading activewear retailer ActivewearUSA and creator of Sweaty Nation, explains:

"The fitness industry is an incredibly sociable area of business. People workout together, run together, swim together - keeping fit and healthy is something that is enjoyable on your own, but even more fun when you engage with others.

This is the whole idea behind Sweaty Nation. It's a community site packed with interesting content, offering all fitness lovers and professionals an opportunity to connect, share their experiences and inspire each other on a daily basis. The laser focus is on health and wellness – this is the common passion shared by all those using the site."

Sweaty Nation is a one stop shop for getting the latest fitness articles, health and wellness advice, and finding out about local fitness activities, including local studios and instructors. The site also provides users with access to ActivewearUSA's leading fitness apparel site, which sells the ultimate in activewear brands.

Sweaty Nation is revolutionizing the health, wellness, yoga and fitness industry by enabling fitness lovers and professionals to connect, inspire and be inspired using mobile, local and social tools. The latest social features include the ability to create Sweaty Pages, a health and wellness directory that crosses disciplines from yoga studios and fitness instructors to healthy restaurants and local fitness groups, providing the site with an incredibly broad appeal and building a true community spirit.

According to IBISWorld, the social networking industry has grown by 36.1% over the past five years, now employing more than 57,000 staff in nearly 7,000 businesses. Those that stand out from the crowd are able to enjoy rapid growth and incredible success, quickly becoming industry leaders. With yogis, fitness instructors, triathletes, cyclists, hikers, climbers, skiers, pilates instructors, cardio dancers and fitness lovers of all manner of other types already signed up and using the site daily, Sweaty Nation is tipped to be the next big thing in social networking and an exciting part of the fitness industry's future.

For more information on Sweaty Nation visit www.sweatynation.com or contact Activewear Brands LLC on 1 877 348 8727.

Media Contact: Media Dept, Sweaty Nation, 1 877 348 8727, service@activewearusa.com

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