FESI takes three political steps forward for the sports sector in Europe

The Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (FESI) has revealed details of major progress in its political work in Brussels to focus the European Union’s attention on the sporting goods sector. Together, three major recent developments are expected to strengthen and then sustain institutional attention on the industry.

First, during the EU Sports Ministers Council meeting on 25 November, FESI President Luca Businaro showcased the value of sport[1] to the European economy. The FESI President emphasised the importance of a long term public-private partnership and the Sports Ministers agreed to actively pursue that course.
It was also acknowledged that the sector is an important driver for growth and innovation in the economy, and the council’s conclusions have now been published


The second important development came on 1 December, during the EU Sports Forum in Milan, when a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between FESI and the European Commission (EC) was signed. The MOU will lead to FESI and the EC working closely together to promote the #BeActive campaign and the European Week of Sport from 7 to 13 September 2015.

FESI will mobilise its network of brands, retailers, national associations and other groups and partners to raise public awareness of the benefit of sports participation.

Luca Businaro, comments:
“FESI is proud to assist the European Commission in this very first European week of Sport. We will utilise all of our communication channels to promote and encourage the widest participation in sport and physical activities.”

The third piece of significant news to emerge from FESI’s work in Brussels is the creation of the European Parliament Intergroup on Sport which has been adopted today. This new political body within the European Parliament will drive discussions on sport related topics and work to focus attention on specific policy needs and recommendations.

Alberto Bichi, Secretary General of FESI comments: “This is a very important informal political body within the European Parliament and FESI has been a driving force in convincing some 120 Members of the European Parliament to agree on the creation and the constitution of this new intergroup on sport.”

About FESI

FESI, the Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry, is the unique Brussels-based European organisation that represents the interests of some 1,800 European sporting goods manufacturers to the European political institutions, other international sport federations and other associations.

Today, we can say that 85% of national laws originate at a European level and that these regulations have the potential to impact all of our member companies’ financial results, and strategic plans and direction. Therefore, providing valuable input and industry views to the European Union (EU) institutions before final legislation is adopted is very important.

Being informed in advance of future policies and being able to propose amendments, comments and remarks to the appropriate stakeholders at the right time, is of crucial importance to the medium and long term prospects of all stakeholders in the sporting goods industry.

FESI, with its long experience in regulatory affairs and political advocacy, has developed a unique and outstanding network with the officials of all the key EU institutions (Commission, Parliament, and Council) and we have exceptional and ongoing access to key policy makers and political stakeholders. Indeed, FESI is the main reference point for their understanding of our industry issues and concerns.

Organised around eleven operational working committees, where all FESI regular and associated members play an active role, we have also expanded our activities to other European organisations such as the European Committee for Standardisation(CEN), Business Europe and other international / European sports federations

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