TITIN Breaks New Ground with DICK's Sporting Goods

ATLANTA, Dec. 22, 2014 -- Up-and-coming company, TITIN, has recently agreed to a deal with DICK's Sporting Goods, allowing TITIN products to be sold by the commercial giant for the first time ever. TITIN products are now available at 60 DICK's Sporting Goods stores, nationwide. On Halloween of this year, TITIN's founder, Patrick Whaley, was featured on an episode of ABC's hit reality show, SHARK TANK. where he pitched his company to the show's "sharks." These "sharks" are tough, self-made multimillionaires and billionaires who choose whether or not to invest in companies that they feel have are the next big thing.

Before this agreement was completed, customers could only purchase TITIN products online through TITIN's website or a third party. Now, TITIN products can be purchased in person, at many DICK's Sporting Goods' establishments. Customers now have the opportunity to physically try on TITIN wares to see and feel for themselves how the product stands above the rest in quality and technology. Also, customers can now enjoy TITIN products immediately after purchase, with no wait time resulting from an online purchase.

TITIN products excel at enhancing any athletes' workout or daily routine by increasing muscle build-up and endurance through a patented compression system designed to increase workload while exercising. With the TITIN Compression Gel Inserts, athletes and casuals alike can participate in their chosen activity while increasing their speed, muscle mass, jump height, without suffering any restriction to their full range of movement.

DICK'S Sporting Goods always strives to meet customers' needs and requirements while providing quality products. DICK's mission is to "serve and inspire athletes and outdoor enthusiasts to achieve their personal best through relentless improvement..." according to their mission statement. It is this kind of commitment that attracted TITIN to strike a deal with DICK's. And, with the help of TITIN Compression Shirts and additional TITIN product releases, athletes will be one step closer to "achieving their best."

TITIN was first established in 2010 and creates weighted fitness products designed to challenge the status quo with everything we design, using disruptive technology to change the way people train. Train Harder, Recover Faster.

DICK'S Sporting Goods is a Fortune 500 sporting goods retailer that offers a wide variety of name brand equipment and products. DICK'S Sporting Goods was established in 1948 by Dick Stack. Ed Stack, DICK's son, is the current CEO of DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Media Contact: Scott Hakim, TITIN Tech, 267-455-9723, shakim@TITINtech.com

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