Nordic skiing equipment pushing towards new boundaries

December 15, 2014
Today´s race skiers are faster and stronger than ever before. The equipment they use is made of the latest high-tech materials. Active and recreational skiers benefit from today´s easy-to-wax and easy-to-ski equipment. The skis are ready when you are.

Do you remember the grueling final ascent of Tour de Ski? Skiers climb in a pursuit towards Alpe Cermis, on a slope that looks like a part of slalom course, with the height elevation of 425 meters.

Well, it´s a tough job. And maybe it would not have been possible to arrange this extreme contest in the earlier days of cross-country skiing. However, skiing has changed. And so have the skiers.
– If in the past cross-country skiers used to be skinny athletes, these days they appear very athletic and dynamic, says Ansgar Habich, Brand Manager, Atomic Austria.

Professional training and high tech gear

Professional training and preparation during summer has become more and more important for the athletes.

– It has always been like this in the World Cup, but the training has become more professional also in long distance skiing. Especially weight training is very important for modern skiers.
If the skiers have become stronger and faster, what has happened to the skiing gear?

– We use new materials, which are very stable, but still dynamic and flexible. We are talking about carbon laminates and specific constructions in skis as well as carbon chassis and carbon heel counter in boots, Habich says.

SDS (Short Distance Step) technology is Atomic´s unique ski construction used in the Atomic World Cup Redster series.

– We use a special plast material under the kick zone of classic skis. It keeps the kick zone high above the snow during the glide phase and stays easy to compress during the kick.

Made to measure 


Each pair of World Cup racing skis is a tiny bit different. Each individual pair will have their perfect match in terms of the skier’s weight and skiing conditions. This is the reason Atomic has developed their Made to measure –concept.

– Our hand-picked service gives our retailers the opportunity to provide the consumers with finely measured skis, perfectly matched with their body weight and conditions, Habich emphasizes.
Today, top class skiers are so athletic that it is almost impossible for active or recreational skiers to achieve the level of multiple forces they are using. Therefore, even the most advanced active skiers need more gentle skis and boots than the racers.

– We want to offer active skiers more easily skiable and more enjoyable equipment, says Vesa Mikkonen, Cross Country Specialist, Amer Sports Finland/Salomon.

The number one choice of Vesa Mikkonen is Salomon´s R-series.

– The R-series skis have exactly the same side cut and camber as the S-Lab racing skis, but the skis are more stable, versatile and easier to ski especially in lower speeds. And the difference in weight is only 30 grams per ski.

From kick wax to Skintec

One very common challenge for the recreational Nordic skiers is the kick wax.
– For classic skiing the right kick wax is crucial. However, waxing is time-consuming and requires detailed information about snow and weather conditions. It is not ideal when time and waxing skills are limited, Ansgar Habich says.

Both Atomic and Salomon offer skis with skin technology. The skin used in the grip zone provides excellent grip in all snow conditions. The skin is also replaceable.

– Our Skintec technology provides the feel of a perfectly waxed ski in all snow conditions and temperatures, but without the need to wax, Ansgar Habich says.

– Mohair provides outstanding grip and silent glide in all snow conditions. The skis are ready when you are, Habich summarizes.

New equipment for Nordic skiing

Atomic Redster Worldcup Classic
Carefully constructed for the world´s top athletes. SDS technology under the kick zone keeps the kick zone high above the snow in the gliding phase and stays easy to compress during the kick. Nomex Featherlight core for strength, resilience and liveliness.

Atomic Sport Skintec

Waxless, easy to handle and forgiving. Skintec technology and the SDS construction. The skin is replaceable.

Atomic Sport Pro Skate

The first cross-country boot to feature Live Fit zones on the forefoot. The boot instantly adapts to your foot shape then constantly readapts while you’re skiing. For improved blood flow, warmer toes, happier feet – and better performance.

Salomon Equipe RC Skin
Waxless sport ski with Skingrip Technology delivers outstanding grip and silent glide in all snow conditions.
Salomon Carbon Skate Lab
This revolutionary all-carbon ski boot combines lightweight materials with comfort and performance.

Each pair is only 860 grams and made of monocoque carbon. The inner liner is removable. The SNS Pilot compatible sole is made of removable materials for easy replacement.

Salomon SNS Pilot Carbon RS
All carbon, all new pilot performance and lightweight for skating. Close to the ski racing binding designed to maximize transmission efficiency and snow feel.

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