New product : Swimming startup introduces PaceWatch™, a pace clock for your wrist

Jul. 17, 2013 - BOZEMAN, Mont. -- Interval training is a key component of an effective swimming workout. For over 50 years, a pace clock has been the primary tool used by swimmers for interval training. But for swimmers who are among the 33% of the U.S. population with myopia, or nearsightedness, simply seeing the pace clock can be a challenge. That’s where the PaceWatch™ comes in. Created by Brilliant Swim™, a startup based in Bozeman, Montana, the PaceWatch takes the classic pace clock that’s as familiar to swimmers as the ever-present scent of chlorine on their skin, and makes it readily accessible and easy-to-read.

“We created the PaceWatch to solve a problem that I had as a near-sighted masters swimmer,” said Brilliant Swim founder Phillip Luebke, 42. “The lane I practice in at our local pool is about 30 to 40 feet from the nearest pace clock. My eyesight’s not too bad, but I used to have to take my goggles off, then stare-and-squint to make out the moving hand on the clock. Not anymore. With the PaceWatch, I simply synchronize it at the beginning of practice and then I have my own personal pace clock to use throughout practice.”

True to the design of the original swimming pace clock, which was invented by the late, legendary swimming coach James “Doc” Counsilman in 1959, the PaceWatch is simple and uncluttered, with no unnecessary features to distract from its primary function. It has a red second hand, a black minute hand and high-contrast black and red markings on an oversized white dial. To hold up in the harsh pool environment, the case is constructed of marine-grade stainless steel and is water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters (5 ATM).

But the most important feature of the PaceWatch, according to Luebke, is its slim profile. At 7.5 mm, the PaceWatch is slimmer than any of the water-resistant sport watches currently on the market.

“What we found in our preliminary research is that swimmers hate wearing bulky watches when they swim, and all the multifunction sports watches out there are bulky,” said Luebke. “Even the ones that are supposedly designed for swimmers are not very hydrodynamic. We wanted to make the PaceWatch as slim as possible.”

The PaceWatch retails for $74.99. Brilliant Swim is now accepting preorders on its website, brilliantswim.com (http://brilliantswim.com/?source=PWPR). The company expects to begin shipping product in September 2013.

About Brilliant Swim:
Brilliant Swim (http://brilliantswim.com), based in Bozeman, Montana, was started by Phillip Luebke in late 2012 to provide swimmers and triathletes with innovative tools and unprecedented access to information that will help them maximize their training and perform at peak levels in competition. The PaceWatch, introduced in 2013, is the first of many planned products that the company hopes will become as common as kickboards and pull buoys are today.
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