Retail news : New China boardsports store opens

Hangzhou China, July 8, 2013
While Wabsono has spent countless hours and millions of yuan to promote Boardsports in China, the missing link has always been lifestyle retailers.

China’s retail market grew up around mono branded stores that promote brand over lifestyle. We recognize that system in a mature market, but for lifestyle sports like surf, skate and snow, it’s much too early for Chinese consumers to recognize and get behind brand alone.

Two years ago Wabsono embarked on a journey to design and open Chinese Boardsports lifestyle retail as another tool for building market awareness.
The first flagship Chao Jixian store opened in Hangzhou China in the premiere shopping center of InTime Wulin on June 29th.

Wabsono will open 3 more in Zhejiang province before the end of the year with a total of 30 in strategic cities across China.

Wabsono Director of Business Development, Glenn Brumage stated; “The long term plan is to franchise the concept to regional retailers in order to build more consumer demand. We don’t even mind if others knock off the idea as long as they sell brands true to the lifestyle”.
About Wabsono: 
Brand licensee, marketer, event promoter and OEM apparel manufacturer of Boardsports lifestyle in China. We own and operate the Red Bull Qiantang Shoot Out as well as the Vans Dragon Sk8 series.

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