New peoduct : France, Zeppelin a semi-rigid graphic design serie at the Grand Pavois La rochelle

Personalization, which developed in automobile industry, now affecting boating, especially in field of semi-rigid.

In this respect, the French manufacturer Zeppelin, specializing in rigid inflatable boat brand this year 2013 with rich achievements in color: red, green, blue, orange striped ...

The manufacturer has been tested and selected colors and patterns for float and tack, like a collection of "graphic design". Zeppelin will push the customization and design led to new patterns that will be presented on Order 640, which will play with red, gray and textures at the Grand Bulwark.

The history of this model will continue at the Nautic Paris, with a new console which will be exposed to visual the first time in La Rochelle. Boaters may occasionally lounges, find examples of achievements made by the site for its customers, as a creative book.

In ​​fisheries area, black Marlin, a model dedicated to fishing, which received the Innovation Award at the last European fishing show will be available for testing on the dock at the Grand Pavois.

Note that the present site, with Nowe Services, a Cup 20vpro versatile fishing / leisure at an attractive price with a complete installation to allow visitors to see for themselves the quality of finishes and mounting Zeppelin.

French Source Actunautique.com

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