New products : Gregory is Losing Weigh, Find Lightweight Backpacks at Asia Outdoor 2013

Gregory will bring the improved lightweight backpacks and new collections to Asia Outdoor 2013.

Improvements have been done to the z/J series of Gregory backpacks. Lightweight design is adopted to the 2014 collections, so as to make the backpacks compact and fashionable. Compared with the previous z/Jade series, the new backpacks weigh 5%-30% lighter. A brand-new suspension system, CROSS FL0, is used to make the backpacks more breathable and comfortable. The new z/J series are suitable for both short-distance hiking and long trips.
Together with the new series, a lot of new collections of backpacks will also be presented at Asia Outdoor 2013. Rapid updates and big changes happen to Gregory backpacks. Therefore, improved z/J series, backpacks for runners, cyclists, and mountaineers, as well as new backpacks for commuters and daily use, will be on the market in the spring of 2014.
Source Asia Outdoor

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