New products : Reebok Introduces the ATV 19 Footwear Collection

Reebok's ATV 19 footwear provide maximum ground contact that can rip through any surface, its irregular sole gives you a banked feel for earth-shaking traction.  Reebok ATV Running Shoes have been designed for those who enjoy going off the beaten path, need a shoe that can handle the adventures that haven't been dreamed up of yet, and plan going the distance that doesn't have an end.

With nineteen irregular lugs, these babies are designed to handle rugged terrain. They have no problem stomping through sandy beaches, tall grassy fields, and snowy runs, and they will provide you with the maximum traction you need when it comes to these uncertain surfaces. Made of carbon rubber, the grip is based off just what it mentions in the name, an ATV. Like the grip that ATV tires provide, the grip on the Reebok ATV is designed to handle whatever agile angle get thrusts upon it. It truly is, "Technology You Can Feel".>

In July, Reebok unveiled its ATV 19 marketing campaign in the U.S., featuring Demarcus Ware and Rampage Jackson.  ATV 19’s are available for $90 at key U.S. retailers including Finish Line and Reebok .com.

Source Reebok 

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