Business news : France ( Vannes ) Bic sports relaunched by stand UP paddle boards production.

This new discipline is now half of the company's turnover.

Why Bic Sport benefits?

After a record 27% increase in sales last year, Bic Sport is expected new double-digit growth in 2014. Never seen by Bic Sports since the euphoria of windsurfing.

The main reason for this prosperity : the success of stand up paddle or " SUP" , this new discipline came from the United States that we practice standing on a long surfboard, paddle in hand.

The annual production of 30,000 paddle boards now accounts for half of the activity of the 120 employees of the plant located in the area of ​​Prat since 1979.

"The U.S. market takes sales representing 80% of our achievements. There, the bracket is a boom , two years ahead of France , where it only take off , "says Benoit Tréguilly , communications officer at Bic Sport.

Why Bic Sport is committed towards the paddle ?

The company, founded by Baron Marcel Bich felt good shot. "We are engaged in what was a niche in the beginning because it is a product that matches the values ​​of Bic : simplicity , innovation , accessibility and reliability. "

On Hobby board from € 600 to € 1200 ( it takes 2 500 € for a competition ) , you can safety ride without any training .

Riders are often of all ages and both sexes. " While men greatly outnumber the other sliding disciplines , the distribution is equal with women in the paddle . Because , while being easy, it is a sport that shapely body advantageously replacing jogging or biking. "

Now women practice yoga on the paddle boards : " This develops the sense of balance , you feel more concentrated and close to nature , according to participants . " How Bic has become one of the world's leading paddle ?

First innovating and creating a wide range. At Nautic Show Paris , Bic had twenty different models on display, while its competitors chose lower manufacturing quality in China.

"At Vannes, we have our own research and development , led by Patrice Remoiville . We have invested in a digital cutter that allows for models on site. Prototypes are developed and tested, particularly in the Gulf of Morbihan, Eric Terrien, 5th World runner , "says Benoït Tréguilly .

Bic Sport plays regional card with steel molds , made by South Muzillac Modeling Industrial Britain, and breads foam from at Isobox , Bannalec (Finistère) .

Then having established , with its dealers worldwide , a baptized Sup Bic One Design circuit. "It is thus three hundred events taking place in twenty countries on a monotype board we make. "

Finally providing boards in strategic places . "We have ten models available to the National Sailing School in Saint -Pierre- Quiberon. When there is no wind, it allows students to work on balance and strength. Skippers have discovered high level of discipline with enthusiasm. "

And so they become ambassadors for the development of paddle .

Innovation: a roller kayak on the beach

In 1993, Bic Sport already innovated by making the first industrial surfboard. Ten years later , the factory went out Vannes Mini Malibu 7.3, a revolution surf schools board and whose 100 000th copy has been done by the Franch factory to be presented at the Nautic . In Paris,

Bic Sport presents a particularly innovative Kayak model that will attract attention. Indeed , Borneo offers two features expected by many paddlers.

Firstly , the boat " sit on top " long 4.10 m, can be used in both singles and doubles or triple . Three molded seats can prevent the unbalance forward or back which is submitted a paddler when he is alone on a classic double kayak .

Moreover , Borneo system has a removable rear wheels , demountable in ten seconds when launching . Handy when you have to lug this type of kayak several meters of sand or pebbles ...

European Selling price : € 799 , without paddle

Translated from a french article by Patrick CERTAIN ouest-France.fr

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