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Goldwin Outfits Sweden National Alpine Ski Team for Sochi Olympics and Beyond

Los Angeles, CA (December 18, 2013) -- As an official supplier to the Sweden National Alpine Ski Team, Goldwin is no stranger to Olympic glory.  If there was a gold standard for the ultimate in performance skiwear, the name Goldwin would surely grace the top of the list.

Goldwin (www.goldwin-sports.com) will debut its Men's and Women's 2014-15 Winter Collection at the upcoming Ski Industries Association (SIA) Snow Show, Jan. 30-Feb. 2, in Denver (Booth #1748) at the Colorado Convention Center.

The partnership between Goldwin and the Swedish team has lasted for 25 years and been worn by many of the world's skiing champions, including the great Ingemar Stenmark.  It continues as Goldwin outfits the Swedish team participating at World Cup events and the Winter Games in Sochi, Russia in February.

From world-class competitions to world-class resorts, Goldwin takes center stage among the most prestigious skiwear brands, and stands alone with its commitment to technical excellence and style.

"I need functional gear when I'm on the slopes," says Olympic Medalist André Myhrer of Sweden.  "Goldwin delivers high-class products that make me feel comfortable every day.  My goal this winter is to win gold."

Sweden's Sport Director for the Alpine Ski Team, Anders Sundqvist, recognizes the importance of superior product:  "Since our athletes and coaches live in Goldwin clothing over 200 days a year, it's very important that the products work.  They feel great and that allows the skiers to relax and focus on their races."


Founded in 1951, Goldwin originated as a family business, producing hiking socks and assorted accessories.  Sensing a growing consumer interest in sports, Goldwin switched to the manufacturing of sports apparel three years later.  Today, Goldwin is one of the industry's leading producers of high-end sports apparel for a multitude of sports, including skiing, outdoor running, and cycling.  Goldwin is renowned for its technological advances in fabric and silhouette designs.  A publicly-traded company, Goldwin, Inc. posted consolidated earnings of 52.5 billion yen (about $530 million US) for its fiscal year ending March 31.

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