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A year after the first Greenpeace report on the use of PFCs in the outdoor industry, NGOs back on the front of the stage at the end of 2013 .

Thus , Greenpeace has published a new report on the use of chemicals in the PFC -type outdoor industry. The report is for the moment only available in German for the full version . However a summary in English is available here.

" Tests on the jackets and gloves for residues of hazardous chemicals Were the carried out in the same way as in the 2012 study. Showed The laboratory results , once again , that ' all the outdoor clothing samples Contain perfluorinated and / or polyfluorinated chemicals ( PFCs ) . "

The test results relate only 12 brands of outdoor Adidas , Columbia, Jack Wolfskin , Kaikkialla , Mammut , Northland, Patagonia , Salewa , Schöffel , Seven Summits , The North Face, Vaude . However, the report criticizes the whole outdoor :

"On the road to clean production outdoor clothing brands must commit to Greater transparency . " " Brands must make a genuine commitment to stop using hazardous chemicals - with ambi- tious schedules and concrete Measures that match the urgency of the position In Particular , outdoor clothing brands must set short- term deadlines for phasing out completely Call the use of perfluorinated and . polyfluorinated chemicals in producing processes. "

The media impact of this report is mainly focused on German-speaking countries , but should quickly spread to the rest of Europe and in the world.

Following the first Greenpeace report, a project was born in the OSV (Outdoor Sports Valley) members in collaboration with Sporaltec . An inventory alternatives to fluorinated treatment was carried out by experts. This inventory will be available July 1, 2014 . In the meantime, laboratory tests should be conducted to validate the performance of these alternatives.

In parallel, the EOG Association and the German outdoor FGO are trying to structure a project with a European dimension to this issue of PFC

source OSV

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