Product news : Roberto Ricci Design (RRD ) present the new board, X-Fire V6

Next X-Fire V6: are you ready for the V6 generation?

The next step….we are in it to win it!

Building on the world title design framework from last season and also leading the PWA 2013 World Cup standing in 1st and 3rd overall, RRD continues their market reference dominance with a clear leap forward in the form of the 2014 V6 series.

CPT – ‘Contact Patch Technology’. Great scrutiny and R&D efforts have been placed on what we call the ‘Contact Patch’, the wetted surface release section underneath our unique ‘TT Tail’ situated at the back foot.

Due to the fact that the TT Tail keeps the back foot at the ideal angle of attack to pressure the fin correctly, we then have the ability to create a wide variety of cut-out options that greatly affect the ride of this high-performance package.

Program: Race / Slalom PRO


We found that this release point on the ‘outside flats’ just in front of the cut-outs is very sensitive with big differences achieved from small
modifications during the development process. This is the ultimate key to how the slalom board:
• Trims
• Accelerates
• Gybes
Through meticulous testing methods performed over a wide variety of conditions with our new ‘Contact Patch’, we found a massive increase in overall performance with the following points being achieved:
• Increased top end speed especially in flatter water
• Clear acceleration boost especially in the gusts
• Easier to plant the rail harder into a racing gybe
• More comfortable ride over the chop, the new design ‘eats’ the waves
• The ability to use smaller fins = less drag
• Less back-leg pressure especially when going more downwind


- Technology for 129-122-114 : EPS / Full PVC 3 mm top and bottom/Biaxial carbon 100 grams on deck/80 Grams UD 80 on bottom / Custom made technology
- Technology for 105-98-90 : EPS / Full PVC 3 mm top and bottom/ 80 Grams UD 80 on Deck + Glass / 160 Grams Glass Bottom /Custom made technology

Source RRD

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