US, Cyc, a New Indoor Cycling Studio, That Combines Cardio and Strength Training, Opens in New York City ( NYC ) at DavidBartonGym Astor Place

NEW YORK--When it comes to indoor cycling studios in New York City, there is no shortage of options. But beginning in January 2014, New Yorkers can finally experience Cyc (www.cycfitness.com), an innovative fitness concept that combines cardio and strength training on a bike, which has already taken Austin, TX and Madison, WI by storm. Cyc will open at 4 Astor Place in DavidBartonGym. Cyc’s unique method combined with its interactive social platform, on-bike technology, and Ride for Change charitable program, will revolutionize the New York fitness landscape.


The Cyc method, designed by Keoni Hudoba, an Under Armour-sponsored athlete who was named Village Voice’s “Best Trainer in 2012,” offers an exhilarating rhythm-based 45-minute ride that activates the whole body, the whole time. Weights are incorporated into sectors inspired by more than 20 different sports such as boxing, volleyball and swimming. The Cycologists, Cyc’s team of world-class instructors, ensure every ride is different with a unique playlist that includes unreleased songs and remixes through collaboration with major and indie record labels.

“In just over a year at our stand-alone studios in Madison, WI and Austin, TX, we’ve successfully created a lifestyle brand with an extremely passionate and dedicated following,” said Stephen Nitkin, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cyc. "We chose to align with DavidBartonGym, which has always been at the forefront of achieving body-changing results. In New York we will close the gap between the large gym and boutique studio, catering to the market’s demand for a one-stop shop for a comprehensive workout.”


The Cyc studio, designed by Glen Coben, renowned architect best known for his work on Niketown stores nationwide, features a sleek studio environment that accommodates more than 50 riders. Cyc riders have complimentary access to DavidBartonGym’s facilities before and after classes, and DavidBartonGym members benefit by receiving special rates at Cyc.

“We are thrilled to debut The Cyc method in New York City to our discerning DavidBartonGym Astor Place members; we anticipate an instant following for the classes," said Howard Brodsky, Chief Executive Officer of DavidBartonGym. “The Cyc method offers much more than just indoor cycling by combining cardio and strength training. Cyc perfectly aligns with our DavidBartonGym philosophy."

A Cyc class ranges in price from $20 - $25, with special student and corporate rates available. Compared to the existing indoor cycling landscape in New York, Cyc maintains a reasonable price structure, enabling easier access to boutique fitness with the added value of high-end gym amenities.


In January 2014, Cyc will launch Cyc Social, an easy-to-use proprietary social platform that will connect riders both inside and outside the studio. Riders who opt in to Cyc Social will be able to connect with friends by adding them to their network, see where people within their network are sitting so they can book a bike nearby, and receive notifications when friends register for classes. This new intuitive tech tool will be available for riders in all Cyc studios.


Cyc’s riders will continue to feel good, and do good, with Cyc’s charitable component: Ride for Change. As part of Cyc’s tracking technology loaded onto every bike, proceeds are donated to one of Cyc’s charity partners for every mile achieved. Cyc is also known for its ‘pop up’ charity rides, benefitting local causes and national charities that are close to our riders’ hearts.

To schedule a Cyc road trip, visit www.cycfitness.com. To join Cyc’s social community, visit Cyc @cycfitness on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

About Cyc

Cyc is a new fitness concept combining cardio and strength training on a bike. Cyc’s unique method, designed by Keoni Hudoba, an Under Armour-sponsored athlete who was named Village Voice’s “Best Trainer in 2012,” offers an exhilarating beat-based 45-minute ride that activates the whole-body, the whole time. By incorporating weights through sectors inspired by more than 20 different sports, the Cyc experience takes the boutique indoor cycling studio concept beyond the bike. Cyc combines its unique method with engaging and interactive social platforms, on-bike technology and Ride for Change, Cyc’s charitable component. Cyc has already garnered a devoted fan base in Austin, TX and Madison, WI, and opens its doors to New York at 4 Astor Place in DavidBartonGym January 2014. Get Cyc’d at www.cycfitness.com.

About DavidBartonGym

Founded in 1992 in Chelsea, New York, DavidBartonGym has world class trainers with a tradition of changing bodies, state of the art equipment, exhilarating energy, and award-winning design. With locations in New York, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, members are devoted to DavidBartonGym and its unrivaled success in helping them to “LookBetterNaked.” www.davidbartongym.com

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