Onnit Acquires Black Swan Yoga, Increasing Total Human Optimization Platform

Onnit, a healthy lifestyle and fitness company, recently announced the acquisition of Austin based Black Swan Yoga, adding to Onnit’s spectrum of “Total Human Optimization” offerings. 

Austin, Texas  November 18, 2014
Onnit, a healthy lifestyle and fitness company, recently announced the acquisition of Austin based Black Swan Yoga, adding to Onnit’s spectrum of “Total Human Optimization” offerings. Black Swan will continue to provide high quality, donation based yoga classes at their three Austin based studios and also a new location soon to open in Houston.

“The goal of this acquisition is not to change Black Swan Yoga. The goal is to support it with what we do best at Onnit, and bring it to a bigger stage,” said Onnit CEO, Aubrey Marcus.

Onnit is an industry leader in unconventional fitness tools and methodologies, incorporating kettlebells, sandbags, maces, steel clubs, and more at their Onnit Academy Gym facility and Onnit Academy online resources. The Academy Gym, which is also set to open this month, will now offer Black Swan Yoga classes alongside unconventional classes and personal training.

Marcus, a student of the original studio, went on to add “Five years ago I remember waiting outside Black Swan Yoga downtown for 20-30 minutes before class just to ensure that I would get a spot. From the music to the meditation, it was much more than just yoga, and that tradition continues today. I want the rest of the world to have a chance to experience this incredible modality being practiced at the height of its potential.”

Black Swan Yoga has consistently been ranked among the top yoga studios in Austin since its inception and is a staple in the Austin fitness community. The combination of donation based classes, the freedom for teachers to express the height of their practice, great locations, and a friendly & welcoming atmosphere make it accessible to beginners but still a haven for experienced yogis.

Commenting on the acquisition, Michael Grey, founder and current president of Black Swan Yoga remarked, “Black Swan Yoga is overjoyed at working with the Onnit family. We believe that there is more to life than just yoga and if anything yoga only helps make everything in life that much better. The team at Onnit have built an amazing foundation for the teachers at Black Swan to succeed and share this practice with the people of this amazing planet.

We look forward to not only growing as a studio, but also online where students can take classes directly from the teachers online channel. With Black Swan Yoga TV, our classes are filmed all over the world, from a green field in New Zealand to the edge of the Grand Canyon. We strive to keep things interesting, moving forward, and evolving towards our combined goals of "Total Human Optimization". I believe we have the same passion for bringing the very best to the people we serve.”

Black Swan locations will soon integrate Onnit nutritional supplements, healthy foods and fitness apparel at all their locations. Black Swan studios will also offer Onnit Fit classes taught by Onnit Academy certified instructors, fortifying all that Black Swan already offers to its patrons.
According to Marcus, “Black Swan Yoga exemplifies many of the same core principles as Onnit. We both strive to be that disruptive force to the status quo that unapologetically combines the best of ancient and modern wisdom. I believe that Black Swan Yoga is the category killer for today’s yoga, just as we strive to be the brand people turn to for unconventional training and earth grown nutrient supplementation.”

When asked to describe the nature of his unique yoga brand, Michael Grey responded, “Black Swan Yoga is a place for people of all demographics to come together and enjoy this form of healing, empowering and strengthening wisdom. We believe that yoga should not only be accessible for students, but also fun and exciting. We play music in all of our classes that the instructors themselves would enjoy listening to on a sunny day with the top down. This keeps the classes friendly and engaging.”

“We teach both vinyasa based yoga classes we call "Flow" as well as set sequence yoga "Sweaty" classes. Not only are you there to stretch and strengthen your body, but also to break a good sweat. All Black Swan Yoga classes are taught in a heated room at 85-90 degrees. This helps students go a little deeper than they could in a non heated atmosphere while also helping to detox your skin as you sweat. Afterwards you leave class feeling amazing and ready to take on and breath through whatever life brings you. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and approachable at the same time. Because we believe in the fun in yoga, we love to smile and our students do too.”

For more information and class schedules visit http://www.blackswanyoga.com and http://www.onnit.com

For franchise opportunities contact Mike Grey at mikegrey(AT)onnit.com
Media inquires contact jennifer(AT)onnit.com

Source Onnit, through PRWEB by press release

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