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The SPORT TRACKER ELITE is in Patent Pending status within the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Global Invention Royalty Analysis was performed by World Patent Marketing (www.worldpatentmarketing.com)

Nov. 19, 2014 - MIAMI BEACH, Fla. -- Sports have become an essential part of our daily lives. Certain individuals enjoy watching sports and others physically participate in sports. Participating in a sport is strongly encouraged from elementary school level throughout the world. Basketball, football, soccer, and tennis are some of the well known sports that are available through school systems. In order to excel in any of these sports, considerable time and effort is required from a very young age. Most youngsters train with their respective school team or college team. However, to excel in any sport and stand out from the rest, individual training is mandatory.

In basketball, individual training can take place anywhere with a basketball hoop. However, there is no record of the training session and the progress over a given time period. Video recording of a training session is one of the most widely used methods in training. However, video recording may not be a practical solution when training individually. Maintaining a log of a training session is another method used by certain individuals. Unfortunately, tracking the progress using a training log can be a stressful procedure.

The need for an efficient method to track the progress of a training session has been recognized in the sports industry. However, the existing devices do not address the issue at hand extensively. For instance, certain devices require installing a physical device on the basketball hoop in order to track the shots made by a player. Installing a physical device on the basketball hoop may not be practical especially when using a basketball hoop in a public area with multiple users. The device installed on the basketball hoop records and transmits data each time the basketball goes through the basket. As a result, the mentioned device transmits data regarding all shots that go through the basket, not specifically the shots made by the intended individual. This can be disadvantageous if an individual intends to track his shooting during a practice game or similar instance.

Other devices designed to address the issue require the user to wear a device that corresponds with a sensor positioned on the basketball net. As experienced by many individuals, having an obstruction free shooting hand is essential in basketball. Therefore, training with a device attached to the arm can be disadvantageous in the long run. For future success, the youngsters need to be groomed to shoot with an obstruction free arm. Finally, the major disadvantage of the previous devices is the expense involved. The expense involved with the devices limits the number of users. In particular, young kids and other individuals with a meager financial background may be deprived of the opportunity to use the devices.

The objective of the present invention is to address the aforementioned issues. In particular, the present invention is an affordable, convenient, and efficient system that can be used to track the progress of an individual’s basketball training. In addition to tracking the progress of shooting, the present invention also includes specific game and training modes. Additionally, not only does the present invention keep track of a players performance, it also instructs and guides the player through specifically designed workouts. The features of the present invention allow an individual to participate in a sole.

The inventor of the SPORT TRACKER ELITE is seeking a third party licensee to manufacture, market and distribute the product for her under a royalty agreement. Potential licensees in the appropriate industries are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the SPORT TRACKER ELITE on a worldwide basis.

According to a comprehensive university study brokered by World Patent Marketing, there is a strong likelihood of this product being successful in the marketplace.

Potential licensees interested in obtaining more information about the SPORT TRACKER ELITE and discussing licensing opportunities with respect to the product can contact the Licensing Department of Inventvillage.com at licensing@worldpatentmarketing.com or 855-764-0635.

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