World Snowboard Day, 9th edition - Save the date!

Summer has given way to autumn, and while the snow starts to gradually settle on the mountain tops, World Snowboard Day is fast approaching, with a mind-blowing experience in store for everyone for this 9th edition.

The concept? Promote the sport and its unique subculture by providing the general public with the opportunity to try a variety of activities for free.

When? December 21, 2014

Where? Around the world, in over 30 countries!

As usual, you will find a whole host of activities during the event: contests, beginner snowboard lessons, gear tests, demos, meet-and-greets with professional riders, drinks, concerts, video contests, and much, much more.

This year once again, World Snowboard Day is supported by an exceptional ambassador: Mr. Régis Rolland! He has seen snowboarding evolve over the years, and his expertise greatly contributed to its development.

As a brand, association, rider, or ski resort you can become a World Snowboard Day organizer and create, for free, your very own event that fits with your needs and objectives. For more information send an email to contact@worldsnowboardday.com.

+ www.world-snowboard-day.com

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