New Kickstarter Campaign is Launched by Inkkas Footwear Company

Fashion start up Inkkas disrupts conventional footwear supply chain by producing local, handcrafted shoes with authentic textiles from around the world

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 9, 2014-- The modern footwear industry is being revolutionized as new fashion start up Inkkas challenges the classic supply chain models of Nike, Reebok and Adidas. A year after Inkkas launched through a widely successful Kickstarter campaign, the globally-inspired footwear and apparel brand has now launched its second Kickstarter campaign aimed at bringing the world together through footwear.

Founded in 2012 by Dan Ben-Nun, Inkkas shoes are handmade by local artisans using authentic, native textiles. The company's latest Kickstarter campaign aims to help fund production for the brand's 2015 Global Collection. The new collection features ethical footwear made with authentic prints, patterns and textiles from global cultures - a concept the brand calls Worldwear.

During a backpacking trip in South America, Ben-Nun stumbled across a pair of sneakers made by local Peruvian artisans made with authentic textiles from South America. The idea captured both his imagination and his heart.

"I thought to myself - Wow, this idea is so cool and unique - the potential of the concept was amazing. I was immediately inspired to bring this concept to the world."

Instead of paying between 20-30 percent import duties on vulcanized shoes from China, the company decided to stay in South America to work with local artisans and use the free trade benefits of countries like Peru.

It is with this same mindset that Inkkas hopes to expand outside of their South American roots and create new styles with other native textiles, and more than double their local production team.

The second Kickstarter campaign, featuring textiles from Africa and Guatemala, launched on November 27 and thanks to their loyal community they met their funding goal in less than a week. Backers are now guaranteed to receive a pair of Inkkas shoes, a duffel bag, backpack, a combination of multiple styles, a trip to Costa Rica, or a meet and greet with passionate CEO Dan Ben-Nun as a result of their pledge.

About Inkkas:

Inkkas is a global footwear brand that features authentic patterns, prints and textiles from cultures around the world. Inspired by the many people and places of the planet, Inkkas hopes to bring the world together through fashion.

For more information, please visit http://www.inkkas.com/

Contact: Dan Ben-Nun / danny@inkkas.com

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