Aequus, LLC Successfully Develops a Hands-Free Buoyancy Control Device for Scuba Divers

Since the most difficult part of scuba diving is controlling buoyancy, Aequus, LLC has developed a hands-free buoyancy control device to make it easier for beginner, intermediate, and professional scuba divers to master buoyancy controls. 

November 04, 2014
To streamline the learning process for scuba divers, Aequus, LLC has developed a hands-free buoyancy control device which allows divers to maintain buoyancy efficiently without having to expend a tremendous amount of physical energy. With only two controls, the valve and the exhaust, people will find it much easier to learn how to scuba dive.

As a certified scuba instructor for 15 years and the inventor of the device, Ben Harvey of Wichita, KS has had first-hand experience with the frustrations beginners have with buoyancy.

“It is a constant battle,” says Harvey, “there is a limit to what someone new to scuba is willing to try before becoming frustrated and giving up on the sport.”
Mike Miller of Davinci Systems helped streamline and simplify the new unit. Miller learned to dive using the new product, and could not imagine the difficulties of learning through a different system.

“This technology is going to drastically expand the scuba industry’s entry market. The frustration barrier is all but eliminated for beginners. This in turn will help keep individuals interested and active in the recreational scuba world,” says Miller.

The device Harvey and his colleagues created helps people control their buoyancy more intuitively using lung volume and natural body positioning. It is all hands-free. Harvey initially proved out his idea for the device by engineering custom parts and fabricating a prototype out of his house. After initial reviews from equipment manufacturers, Harvey decided it was time to create a company, design for manufacturing, and take the product to market. That is when he teamed up with Davinci Systems and Rapid PSI out of Wichita, KS and formed Aequus LLC. With the help of 3D printing, the new company was able to do multiple revisions and streamline the product into a smaller, more reliable unit.

About Aequus LLC

Aequus LLC out of Wichita, KS is a scuba product development company specializing in a hands-free device to enhance the diving experience. The Buoyancy Regulator System (BRS) uses water pressure along with natural body positioning to regulate buoyancy.

About Davinci Systems LLC

Davinci Systems LLC out of Wichita, KS is a marketing and product development corporation specializing in product design, marketing, and selling product designs. http://www.davincisystemsllc.com

About Rapid Processing Solutions, Inc.

Rapid Processing Solutions, Inc. (Rapid PSI) out of Wichita, KS is one of the largest 3D Printing service bureaus utilizing Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) that focuses on manufacturing, prototyping, and design. http://www.rapidpsi.com

Source Aequus LLC through PRWEB by press release

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