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Online site The Feed, which provides all things nutritional to athletes across the country now offers a unique maca superfood bar called REV'D®. REV'D® energy bars provide the ancient nutrition of the maca plant to fuel the worlds most incredible athletes.

Newport Beach, California  October 30, 2014 

REV'D Provision Co. announced today that REV’D® maca superfood nutrtion bars are now available through a unique service called, The Feed. The Feed is an online site designed to empower the everyday athlete. The Feed has taken the nutritional knowledge used by the worlds best athletes and created a system to pass that information on to the everyday athlete. “We’re really excited to see REV’D® is now available on The Feed!” says REV’D® marketing manager Matt O’Connor.

“The Feed searches high and low to find the most unique nutrition products available. They personally taste, and rigorously field test every item they offer. If it doesn't meet their exacting standards, they don’t sell it.”

The Feed specializes in providing athletes with the best sports nutrition available to fuel their sport and their life. As a customer, you work directly with personalized nutrition coaches to form and personalize an optimal nutrition plan specifically you and the sport and lifestyle you live. Then they feed your need in one simple delivery a month with free shipping.

“REV’D® and The Feed are a perfect fit. REV'D® is the only maca superfood bar on the market and maca is an important component of elite athletes' diets. REV’D® bars fuel some of the worlds most extraordinary athletes from big wave surfer Mark Healey to Brett Rheeder, one of the world’s most top freeride mountain bike riders.” Says O’Connor. “And, The Feed is a conduit that brings the nutrition secrets of elite athletes to the rest of us.”

At REV’D® we make superfood bars that taste amazing and we celebrate the sports, music and art that feed our passion for adventure and life. REV’D® nutrition bars are non-GMO and most of them are vegan as well. They are made with wholesome ingredients you can pronounce, like oats, dates, nuts and super foods like cocoa and organic Peruvian maca.

About REV’D Provision Co.

Rev’d Provision Co. LLC is a small, passionate company that makes premium, Non-GMO superfood nutrition bars with organic Peruvian maca. REV’D® bars provide the world’s most exciting athletes with the extreme nutrition, satisfaction and amazing taste that can go anywhere. REV’D® bars are Non-GMO and contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Zero trans fat. No hydrogenated oils. No high fructose corn syrup. No low fructose corn syrup. No corn syrup period. We value positivity and empowering the youth. We support cutting edge athletes, artists and musicians. We are passionate about freedom of expression and individuality.

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