New Razzle Dazzle RRD Sup

Program: Race Pro

After a small run of custom boards entirely made in our custom board factory in Italy, we have decided to start a complete range of fixed sizes built in Thailand. Our new CNC shaped, full carbon laminated and totally hand finished RAZZLE DAZZLE line is now ready for the seriours racers that want to experiment this flat water rocket.

The shape of these futuristic boards takes inspiration from a new concept based on straight edges and lines. A straight edge travelling on water at an average speed below 10 knots avoids water wrapping, lowering friction and enhancing speed of the shape.

The innovative graphic design of the boards is based onto World War I special “camouflage” paintjob used for warships in 1918 by the British Navy. This design was conceived and developed by british artist and naval officer Norman Wilkinson.

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