Seven Fabrics featuring 37.5™ Technology Selected for ISPO Textrends

Leading supplier of active particle technologies will be part of ISPO Textrends Selection 2015

MÜNCHEN & BOULDER, Colo.--ISPO Textrends 2015 announced that Cocona Inc., a leading manufacturer of active particle technologies under the brand name 37.5, has had seven fabrics selected for inclusion in the distinguished Textrends 2015 forum. Fabrics were chosen by an international jury of journalists, designers and independent experts with highly competitive criteria. The seven selected fabrics featuring 37.5 technology are in four of the eight categories juried, including second layer, membrane & coating, insulation, and outer layer. These fabrics were developed by 37.5 certified mill partners Raco Textile, Chia Her, and Burlington.

“It’s a significant honor to be recognized by Textrends. This validates once again that our technology works – not just in concept or laboratory testing – but in real time, in real materials,” said CEO Jeff Bowman. “We are very appreciative of being selected, and excited at how we are contributing to leading brands and manufacturers.”

The revolutionary 37.5 technology permanently embeds active particles at the fiber level to capture and release moisture vapor. Not only do these particles provide 800% more surface area to the fiber, they also provide a unique driving force to remove moisture vapor unlike any other technology. By actively responding to body heat, the particles use infrared energy from the body to accelerate the vapor movement and speed up the conversion of liquid to vapor, significantly increasing drying rates. This means the hotter the user gets, the stronger the driving force removing moisture becomes – and the more comfortable the garment remains.

ISPO Textrends is a renowned destination for designers and product managers for future trends and innovations in textiles during ISPO Munich, February 5-8. 2015.

Benefits of 37.5 Technology
  • 37.5 technology works to maintain an ideal core temperature, enabling users to perform better and longer, by creating the optimum relative humidity in a user’s microclimate.
  • Fabrics made with 37.5 technology dry up to five times faster than similar fabrics.
  • 37.5 technology is made with naturally derived materials.
  • 37.5 active particles are permanently embedded into yarn and will never wash out or degrade.
The following 37.5 Technology products have been selected and will be shown at ISPO Textrends (photos available upon request):
1. Article number CPR013-311
Selection – Second Layer (Plain Weave)
Intimately spinning natural wool with 37.5 technology gives this fabric the ultimate in evaporation and comfort for any suit and sport coat on the market.
Mill: Chia Her
Composition: 37.5™ polyester and wool blend
Weight g/m2:148
Width cm:147
Usage: Suiting/Sport Coats
2. Article number CPQ364-010
Selection – Second Layer (Dobby)
Combining 37.5 with Spandex gives this fabric the best of both worlds for the outdoor market. Suitable for shirts, jackets, shorts and pants. A fabric for year round use.
Mill: Chia Her
Composition: 37.5™ polyester, spandex, and poly blend
Weight g/m2:169
Width cm: 140
Usage: Shorts and Shirting
3. Article number XTOP14004
Selection – Second Layer (Plain Weave)
The fastest dry rate for performance fabric in hiking, running, and beach wear. Great for shirts, shorts, light jackets and more. Fabric has 4-way-stretch for comfort and mobility.
Mill: RACO Textile
Composition: 37.5™ polyester, spandex, and poly blend
Weight g/m2: 118
Width cm: 134
Usage: Shirts, shorts, light jackets
4. Article number BY-M-G-005-D2
Selection – Second Layer (Plain Weave)
This shirting weight fabric offers increased comfort in a wide range of conditions.
Mill: Burlington
Composition: 37.5™ polyester
Weight g/m2: 114
Width cm: 111
Structure: Plain weave
Usage: Shirting
5. Article number FPN014-310A
Selection – Outer Layer (Plain Weave)
This embossed lining fabric has the fastest dry rate of any 37.5 fabric. Perfect for greatly improving comfort as a jacket liner.
Mill: Chia Her
Composition: 37.5™ polyester and poly blend
Weight g/m2: 70
Width cm: 147
Structure: Plain weave
Usage: Lining
6. Article number CCA100-HR
Selection – Insulation
Insulation with 37.5 is engineered for both maximum warmth and optimum humidity management. Increases comfort range in any insulated product.
Mill: Cocona / 37.5
Composition: 37.5™ polyester and poly blend
Weight g/m2: 100
Width cm: 152
Usage: Filling for jackets, pants, and sleeping bags
7. Article number KN292-2.5L
Selection – Membrane & Coating (Interlock)
This high-performance laminate improves moisture vapor transmission and drying time by 30 to 100 percent, helping you stay comfortable and dry.
Mill: RACO Textile
Composition: 37.5™ polyester
Weight g/m2: 106
Width cm: 142
Finish: C6 + DWR
Membrane: PU
Usage: Light jackets, jackets
About 37.5™ Technology:

37.5 technology was created by Cocona Inc., a world leader in active particle technologies currently used to enhance the technical performance of clothing, footwear and sleep systems. The Company is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

Previously, 37.5 technology was marketed under the Cocona brand name, as the original active carbon particles were derived from coconut shells. The technology has since been expanded to use additional natural materials.

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