2014 Taiwan Open of Surfing to Be Staged in Taitung

TAITUNG, Taiwan--The opening of the 2014 Taiwan Open of Surfing will kick off in Jinzun, Donghe Township of Taitung County, in eastern Taiwan, on November 10, the organizers announced on Monday.

The actual competitions of the event will take place from November 13 to November 16 in the Pacific coast town; surfers of all ages and skill levels will vie for more than NT$1 million (US$33,000) in prize money, the organizers said during a press conference in Taipei.

According to the organizers, the event is part of the global circuit of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP), the world’s largest organization of professional surfers.

The event will be a great opportunity for Taiwanese surfers to accumulate qualification points and learn from other first-rate surfers from around the world, they noted.

In addition to the ASP’s traditional categories, such as men’s shortboard, pro junior and tag team, there are two firsts, professional men’s and women’s longboard events, added to the Taiwan Open, crowning the 2014 surfing competitions, said the organizers.

The Taitung County Government first staged an international surfing event in 2011, and has gradually increased its scale since then. In 2013, it started to cooperate with the ASP to encourage greater interest at home and around the world.

For more details about the Taiwan international surfing event, please go to its official website at http://taiwanopenofsurfing.com.

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