Boosted Expands Family of Electric Longboards With Prices Starting at $999

Fastest and most convenient way to ride uphill effortlessly, light enough to carry wherever you go 

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--Boosted, designer of the world’s first ultralight electric vehicles, announced it has expanded its award-winning Boosted board line, which now includes the Single, Dual and Dual+ models. The boards start at $999 and cover every type of rider -- from novice to expert -- who enjoys them for pure recreation or to improve their commute. 

“Boosted boards let riders get around their city or campus faster and more efficiently than any other mode of transportation,” said Sanjay Dastoor, Boosted CEO and co-founder. “Incredible support from our early customers allowed us to scale our operation to reduce the cost of building boards, enabling more people to experience the thrill of the ride.”
Boosted boards are now available in three models:
  • Boosted Single
The Single drive is the most portable vehicle in the line. With its new one-motor drive system outputting 1000 watts of power, it can reach a speed of 18 mph and has an increased range of seven miles. The board climbs hills up to a 15 percent grade and weighs just 13.5 lbs. Priced at just US$999, the Single drive is available for pre-order now and will ship in limited quantities in January 2015.
  • Boosted Dual
The Dual drive features a unique twin motor system for superior handling. The 1500 watt board has a top speed of 20 mph, a range of six miles, a weight of 15 lb., and the ability to climb hills up to a 20 percent grade. The twin motors enable balanced carving up and down hills, appealing to surfers, snowboarders, and recreational riders. The Dual drive is available immediately in limited quantities for US$1,299.
  • Boosted Dual+
The original and acclaimed Boosted board, now called the Dual+, was designed for riders who demand the very best performance. The Dual+ features a 2000 watt power system, has a 6 mile range, and weighs 15 lbs. With its upgraded software, the board has a top speed of up to 22 mph and can climb grades up to an amazing 25 percent, making it the most powerful light electric vehicle ever built. The Dual+ drive is available immediately in limited quantities for US$1,499.

Free Upgrade & Extended Warranty for Current Customers

All Boosted riders who purchased a board prior to Nov. 6, 2014, will receive the upgraded Dual+ software at no cost. The upgrade, available for download in early 2015, improves the board’s top speed, acceleration, and braking performance.
In addition, Boosted riders who purchased a board prior to Nov. 6, 2014 will receive a retroactive increase in warranty coverage to one year from the date of shipment. All new Boosted boards are covered by a six-month warranty.

Price Match for Recent Customers

Boosted riders who purchased their board on or after Sept. 15, 2014, will receive a price adjustment to match the new price of the Dual+ model, up to a maximum of US$500. Eligible customers will receive an email with details from Boosted.

About Boosted

Based in Mountain View, California, Boosted, Inc. designs and manufactures lightweight electric vehicles that have become the fastest and most efficient way to travel short distances in urban environments. The company was founded by John Ulmen, Matthew Tran, and Sanjay Dastoor in 2011. The three met at Stanford University and decided to build a better way to get around campus and the city. All three participated in Y Combinator and StartX during the summer of 2012, and funded the initial boards through a successful Kickstarter campaign.

For further information, visit http://boostedboards.com.

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