BIC receives Men's Journal Gear of the Year Award

BIC Sport has received 2014 Men's Journal Gear of the Year award for the 12'6 SUP AIR inflatable padlleboard. The board was tested by Men's Journal gear test team  and chosen as one of the "best tools,toys and tech " for the 2014 for its innovative features and performance.

Shaper Patrice Remoiville , working closely with the BIC SUP team in Europe and North America ,designed the 12'6 SUP AIR to perform more like tradiotional rigid boards than typical inflatables.

Dubbed by Men's journal as the "Go Anywhere Sup" , the 12'6 was lauded for its exceptional rigidity and a "smooth, stable and relatively fast ride" They also noted the innovative use of a "high performance removable fin like the one found on regular SUPs" wich is universally compatible with other fins for easy replacement or customization.

All SUP AIR boards come standard with an oversized backpack, high preasure pump,inflation gauge and repair Kit.

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