Discrete Clothing Announces 2015 AM Team

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Salt  Lake  City-­based  clothing  and  headwear  manufacturer  announces  its  2015  Amateur  Team.  
Salt  Lake  City,  UT ( December  11,  2014)  --   Discrete  Clothing,  a  rider  owned  and  conceived  clothing  &  lifestyle  brand  in  the  outdoor  adventure  industry,  is  proud  to  announce their  roster  for  their  2015  AM  Team.    The  team  includes  a  strong  list  of  athletes,  filmmakers,  writers,  climbers,  &  photographers  from  Utah,  British  Columbia,  Alaska,  Montana,  and  more.       
 “I  created  and  built  awareness  for  Discrete  by  sponsoring  amazing  athletes,”  said  Julian  Carr,  Discrete  Owner  and  professional  skier.    “These  individuals  fit  our  program  so  well,  it’s  refreshing  to  know  there  are  people  out  there  with  so  much  talent  and  an  eagerness  to  work  hard  –  that’s  our  formula.”    Each  person  in  the  AM  team  is  an  integral  part  of  their  community,  a  great  person  beyond  their  obvious  talents.    For  example,  Owen  Leeper,  he  has  spent  much  time  in  Aspen,  he’s  a  legend  there,  he  was  eager  to  challenge  himself  more  so  he  moved  to  Jackson  Hole  last  season  and  is  making  quite  the  splash  around  there  with  taking  down  every  big  line  in  sight,  we  look  forward  to  what  Owen  and  the  rest  of  team  accomplishes this season.  We’re  proud  supporters  of  everyone  on  this  list. 

We  invite  you  to  experience  Discrete  style.    www.discreteclothing.com  
"Discrete:  Outdoor  Expression."  

2015 Discrete AM Team -­ www.discreteclothing.com/am-­team 

Trevor Akimoto / Zach Altschuler / Rob Aseltine / Matthew Behrens / Elliot Bernhagen/ Caleb Brown /James Buehler / Josh Edwards / Amie Engerbretson / Eric Fabri / Price Foulger / Ben Goertzen / Ian Hamilton / Grant Howard / Josiah Hughes / Forrest Jillson / Vinzenz Keller / Erika Klenk / Kaya Lampe / Owen Leeper / Martin Lentz / River Lucas / Taylor Lundquist / Edie Mason / Justin Mayers
Chris Miller / Andrew Muse /Jordan Niedrich / Drew Petersen / Andrew Pollard / Eric Prescott / Zach Preobrazhensky / Monica Purington / Scott Rich / Randy Schmidt / Jess Sterrett / Patrik Suwak /Chris Tatsuno /8 Bella Wright  
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Discrete  Clothing  is  the  true  rider  conceived,  rider  owned,  rider  operated  clothing  company  in  the  outdoor  adventure  industry.    Established  in  2008,  Discrete  is  a  collaboration  of  athletes,  designers,  musicians,  artists,  and  photographers.    The  company’s  international  office  is  located  in  Salt  Lake  City,  Utah.  
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