PlayWith for iPhone launches to help people find fitness partners nearby to play sports with

PlayWith is the simplest way for friends and strangers to get together to play their favourite sports and games. Instantly find sport, game and fitness activities and partners nearby. 

San Francisco, CA  December 02, 2014
PlayWith is the simplest way for friends and strangers to get together to play the sports and games they love. PlayWith instantly finds pickup game, sport and fitness activities nearby. Using PlayWith it is easy to find and organise games, stay fit, be social, spontaneous and fun.

Social networks only claim that they are building communities whereas often they are just helping people spend even more time staring at a screen in isolation.

Existing fitness oriented social networks never suggest calling a friend to go for a run. Rather, they encourage going by yourself and then telling all your friends all about it on Facebook.

Online multiplayer is great, but there’s nothing quite like gaming together with friends who are there in person, or competing in front of a cheering crowd. Think back to those games played at the arcade, or on the playground, or on a friend’s couch.

PlayWith helps friends and strangers get together to play their favourite games. Do so in person, in an intimate and human way. Using PlayWith people can find a game to play, right now or later. Anything from a game of soccer to a tennis match, on the pitch or on the couch.
PlayWith is better. It uses intelligent location aware push notifications to connect people in a seamless way that works perfectly with wearables.

PlayWith uses geofencing and machine learning to algorithmically increase event fill-up rate, participation and reduce no-shows.

PlayWith removes serendipity as a factor. Leverages player reviews, social connections and authentication to create a safe and curated experience.

More than just a pickup game finder, PlayWith is about connecting people around their favourite sports and games, making new and developing your existing relationships.

No more endless searching and signing up for Meetup or Facebook Groups. PlayWith makes socializing around sports convenient and easy.

Sports are fundamental building blocks for the relationships we keep. Sports allow people to connect and to transcend cultural and economic barriers. PlayWith mission is to bring the world a little closer, one game at a time.

Download PlayWith today.

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