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Salomon´s unique Motion Fit technology provides unlimited movement without affecting fit and comfort. It is used on jackets, pants and backpacks for every mountain sport Salomon is involved in.

Every line of sports has its specific movements, and thus specific requirements for clothing.
For example, in hiking you reach up vertically, lift, crouch and rotate your hips while scrambling over rocks. You move your head and neck to see the trail ahead. Therefore, you need clothing designed to allow these movements without restrictions.

– Motion Fit is Salomon’s approach to pattern engineering and tailoring. We provide an articulated fit while enabling unlimited freedom of movement, says Albert Gasser, Product Line Manager Skiwear at Salomon.

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From hiking to skiing

Every sport is different, and so are Motion Fit solutions.

In hiking, Motion Fit tailoring adds room in front of the shoulders and extended gussets under the arms. You can reach for supportive hold without losing the comfortable fit of the jacket. More articulation in the knees and a wide waistband ensure free leg movement in any direction without exposing skin or bunching fabric.

When Salomon designed Motion Fit solution for alpine skiwear, the design team studied the range of movements needed for skiing, starting from the bending down to buckling your ski boots.

Added volume and extended fabric on the spine and shoulders follow natural skiing movements along the curvature of your back. Extra volume in the back and shoulder area, gussets under the arms and precisely located seams enable unlimited arm movement without disturbing the fit and comfort of the jacket.

The shaped panel below the waistband allows the pants to maintain the coverage when you crouch, lift your legs while hiking or bend over to adjust your boots. A gusseted crotch enables full leg extension and articulation for hiking and other deep-stretch movements.

The result: an articulated and tailored fit that allows unlimited freedom of movement for skiing.

Examples of Motion Fit products

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Salomon Quest Motion Fit jacket

A technical 3-layer freeski jacket, weight only 850 grams.

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Salomon Quest Motion Fit pant

Lightweight, technical 3L big mountain pant with Motion fit designed for big lines and technical descents. Single pillar suspender on rear stays in place.


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Salomon S-LAB Motion Fit
Salomon's most technical Nordic Jacket, designed for freedom of movement while skiing hard. Stretch fabric in front of the shoulder enables easier pole planting, darts on the shoulder blade and back of neck let you move, and laser cut hole on the spine help vent.

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Salomon Minim Jam jacket

The most breathable hiking jacket in the line. Close to the body, the fit helps moisture escape more quickly, and reduces bulk.


Salomon Agile 17 pack

Lightweight, stretch-fit 17 liters pack for trail running, moves with the body and carries essentials for all-day trail runs, mountain bike adventures, or other highly active sports.


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