Business news ( Flash ) : London investment fund Argus Capital buys Elan ( SLO )

Selling of Slovenian "Elan" ( Ski, snowboarding and boating company ) to the London investment fund "Argus Capital" will son be realized, it was announced by Dnevnik.

Transaction could be finished in a month. Let us recall, Argus Capital, which manages with about 400 million euros, was interested for Slovenian "Fructal", but than, "from the unknown reasons" on a big surprise of the local municipalities it has dropped out of the game.

Potential buyer of "Elan" will have to commit that part of the amount they"ll pay to the owners, and that a part will invest in the enterprise through recapitalization. Before the selling process it was estimated that "Elan" needs recapitalization of about 10 million euros.

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