Business news :Made in California Initiative Qualifies 250 Manufacturers

The non-profit California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC) and The Corporation for Manufacturing Excellence (Manex) announced that its Made in California program has achieved 250 participants.

The goal of the statewide program is to showcase the products made in the Golden State and highlight the contributions of California’s manufacturing sector to the public. As part of the program, social media forums have been created for both Northern and Southern California manufacturers to network and discuss industry issues.

“The manufacturing community plays a critical part in California’s economic growth and success,” says James Watson, President & CEO of CMTC which services Southern California. “The state is home to more than 41,000 manufacturers and the sector employs more than 1.2 million people.”

An integral part of Made in California is an online directory which features the state’s manufacturers and their products. Any California manufacturer who qualifies can sign up as a program participant at no cost and obtain a company profile page to be included in the directory. A company can display its logo, description, contact information, company news, pictures and videos of its products on a profile page. CMTC manages the directory for Southern California manufacturers while Manex oversees the directory for Northern California manufacturers.

“People believe in the value of products Made in America,” says Gene Russell, CEO of Manex which services Northern California. “The online directory allows visitors to easily view the diverse products made in California, encouraging our state’s businesses and residents to buy locally made products and stimulate our economy.”

The online profiles have brought increased visibility for the participating companies because they include direct links back to the companies’ websites. “The Made in CA program has enhanced our visibility as a California manufacturer which has increased the quality of leads coming in,” stated Kimberly Bennett at Valley Box.

In addition to a free profile in the directory, Made in California participants receive additional benefits including an official certificate to display in their facility, the program logo to exhibit on their website and a copy of the monthly Made in California newsletter. Manufacturers also receive a no charge listing in the National Innovation Marketplace when they join the program. Program participants are also featured to become the “Featured Manufacturer of the Week” which includes a special feature on the website and social media listings.

CMTC and Manex are affiliates under the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) MEP, a nonprofit network that helps manufacturers become more efficient, innovative and profitable. The Made in California program supports the national Make it in America program managed by NIST MEP.
A private, nonprofit corporation established in 1992, CMTC is the Southern California affiliate of NIST MEP, under the Federal Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) program, a network of more than 60 centers across the country that provides assistance to small, medium and large manufacturers. CMTC serves Fresno to San Diego/Imperial County.

Founded in 1995, Manex is a premier niche consulting firm with a focus on small to midsize manufacturers to help them quickly achieve cost efficiencies and increased profits. The Manex team brings an average of 20 years experience to provide a powerful depth and breadth of industry and business know-how. We are recognized for our strategic, enterprise-level expertise and extensive front-line manufacturing and distribution experience. Manex serves the Northern California region. 

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