Retail store news :Stadium ( SE) to open Hamburg store

According Sportfack, Stadium continues to expand abroad. Keeps timing chain establishes a store in northern Germany Hamburg next year 

It is over ten years ago Stadium took the step outside of Sweden. In Denmark there are currently 11 stores in Finland is 15 pieces. Now it's time for the chain to take the next step. The reason is simple: 

"We want to continue to grow", says Stadium's CEO Gustaf Ohrn. "Right now we are growing very strong in Finland and has a good growth in both Denmark and Sweden". But for continued growth, it is time to establish itself on the next market. 

After studies and surveys of several different markets in Northern Europe, the choice fell on Germany. Or rather, Hamburg under Gustaf Ohrn. 

"It was not Germany, it was Hamburg and it's actually an important distinction," says Gustaf Ohrn. "We make a commitment to Hamburg for the reason that we have found an exciting position in the Hamburg market that we think would suit us. Then there beyond some climatic similarities with the Nordic countries and also some logistical advantages. But the crucial reason is that we have found a good position." 

The German sports industry sales of around 100 billion, making it the largest in Europe. Major players are buying groupings Intersport and Sport 2000, chains Globetrotter and Sport Scheck, department store chains Karstadt and Galeria Kaufhof and online retailers Sport Conrad and Planet Sports. Obviously no deterrent competition in the Stadium's eyes. 

"We will continue to do what we have always done", says Gustaf Ohrn." I believe that our conceptual focus and our focus on sports fashion will fit Hamburg market. Then we'll see what the next step is, it's nothing we have decided on yet. What we are doing now is an investment in Hamburg and we have the ambition to open the store 2014th But that time is totally dependent on when we find the right store location and we have not done yet." 

Stadium's turnover for the split financial year 2011/2012 at 5.8 billion. The chain has 140 stores in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

( Original Swedich Language Source www.sportfack.se )

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