Business news : Hyosung Motorcycles Are Back in Canada

It looks like the announced smaller-displacement bike offensive announced to start in 2013 triggers early reactions, as Korean motorcycle manufacturer Hyosung will once more be present in Canada. The Bikes will be imported in Canada via the US dealer Hyosung USA, President Tony Kim told Canada Moto Guide.

Hyosung prepares a new product line based on all-new 250cc street and dual sport bikes to enter the market and battle machines like the Honda CBR250 and CRF250. Kim also added that scooters are going to be manufactured again, in the 50, 125 and even the 250cc segments, trying to meet as much as possible from the market needs.

The new Hyosung bikes and scooters will be manufactured in China to keep costs as low as possible. While the Korean manufacturer has not faced severe reliability problem, the bikes still fail.... continue reading ....

( Source autoevolution.com )

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