Business news : Uship: Change of direction at the head of the French leader in the distribution of equipment for boaters

Founded in 1983, the Uship network has grown to become now the French leader in the distribution of equipment for pleasure boats, both sail and motor.Today, under the leadership of Hervé Cuvelier, owner and manager of Uship since 10 years; 90 stores operated by independent members serve their clients,occasional boaters, experts, and even competitors, in France, Guadeloupe , Spain and Italy: with excellence . 

The Uship merchant website offers online its entire catalog and other information necessary to Mariners.

Its new logistics center, which opened in 2012, is at the forefront of technology and ensures high availability to its customers. To ensure the future of the network, Hervé Cuvelier had prepared his succession. He spent over today to a new manager, Stephan Serra, a man of distribution, with an experience of 20 years in various chain stores and networks of members. Serra Stephan for this recovery is associated with a group of private investors specialized in supporting SMEs. This will confirm the independence of Uship its local setting down. Hervé Cuvelier remains a shareholder and member heavily involved Supervisory Board of the company, with more operational responsibility for network development.Network Uship had significant growth in recent years and still has significant areas of development:

The development of mesh network thanks to the concept of Uship Relay launched 3 years ago which allows to create business relations in smaller ports with dealerships.

Its website continues to grow and still has some growth potential, supported by the I Phone and Android applications.

The enrichment of its commercial offer.More information: stephan.serra @ uship.fr or +33 (0) 6 60 22 85 34

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