New product : EGO SE, compact semi-submarine

During our last visit of the "Boot show" in Dusseldorf, we saw a real interesting concept: THE EGO

Imagine the fish swimming and colorful coral reefs spread out in front of you, and at
the same time, you can see the blue sky and clouds. What a wonderful experience?

What do you get the mariner who has everything? You could do worse than the Ego Compact Semi Submarine.

Made by South Korea's EGO. Inc, the Ego Compact is more of a glass-bottom boat than a sub, but it's still pretty nifty. Protected by 20mm-thick acrylic windows, the waterproof cabin hangs down from two pontoon-like floats and serves as a mobile observation room.

I was on a glass-bottom boat recently, and thought it was the perfect thing if you're too lazy to learn how to dive. But if seas are choppy and boat is pitching, waves can prevent you from seeing well underwater. The Ego seems to get around that with its low-slung cabin.

The two-seater, 12-foot craft is powered by two battery-operated 1.5KW thrusters and has a top speed of 5 knots (about 5.7 mph). The batteries take 6 to 10 hours to charge, and will last about 8 hours at cruising speed. So don't expect to make it out to the Mariana Trench.
Still, it might be handy for fishing. One guy on deck, another in the cabin directing him to the fish. That, or shark-watching.

Released last year, the Ego has been making the rounds recently, but Raonhaje doesn't list a price for the half-sub. It's marketing the craft for leisure and research and says it's working on a four-seater version.

With that, the whole family can spend the day underwater.

2012-2013 RED Dot Design Award

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the largest and one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world.

In the 2012 REDDOT DESIGN AWARD, EGO SE – compact semi-submarine is awarded with “Honorable Mention” for its unique design and creative idea in the section of Automobiles, transportation, and commercial and water vehicles.

This means that EGO Inc. has the same competitive edge as world class vehicle manufacturers. This also means that EGO SE is credited with its value of smart and creative design more than just a new kind of marine leisure watercraft. EGO Inc. will keep bringing on new and innovative designs through constant research & development.


Jisup Lee, the founder & President of Ego Inc. designed and developed in 1997 a compact semi-submarine. His idea was to get everyone to easily enjoy the underwater environment and finally released EGO – compact semi-submarine in 2008. This magical item was the first in the world and patents and PCT were issued.

In 2009 Raonhaje Inc. was established to produce EGO and then in 2012 EGO Inc. was newly registered to set up mass production and a systematic research & development system. The existing compact semi-submarine has been altered and upgraded to release a much safer and stable SE 450 than ever before.

EGO Inc, with a better understanding how to enjoy the ocean, endeavors to keep developing various upgraded lines, in order for passengers to have a wide range of choices.

Brief History

2008.  Patend that EGO (Compact Semi Submarine)
2009.  Establish RAONHAJE inc.
  Patend that EGO Design.
  Shanghai International Boatshow
2011.   Miami International Boat show (In Raonhaje)
2012.   Establish EGO. Inc
  2013 Eddition EGO SE Developed
  REDDOT Design award

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