New product :Cocona® Merino Sets New Performance Standard for Wool

Cocona, Inc., the leader in active drying technologies, introduces the new Cocona® Merino Fabrics, where nature meets function. Soft, lightweight and super fast dry rates are among the features being offered exclusively to Cocona’s licensed brand partners. 

Cocona® Merino synergistically blends the advantages of merino wool and Cocona’s Active Drying Technology. Unlike 100 percent merino wool fabrics, Cocona® Merino Fabrics excel in high-energy activities and multi-hour events. Where other Merino fabrics hold sweat, Cocona® Merino Fabrics process the moisture and accelerate drying two to five times faster depending on construction and weight. Gear stays drier, lighter and faster by extending the comfort range into higher temperatures and higher workloads.

Wearing Cocona ® Merino together with Cocona® mid and shell layers creates an active drying system for ultimate dry rate performance, improving your outdoor experience.
For information about Cocona® Technology, please visit www.cocona.com. 

About Cocona
Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Cocona is the world leader in the development, commercialization and marketing of Active Particle Technologies used to dry clothing, footwear and sleep systems.  With initial focus on the Outdoor and Sports markets, Cocona is rapidly gaining market penetration for patented Cocona® Technology in the commercial, industrial, and hospitality markets globally and discovering new applications for the technology.  For more, visit: www.cocona.com

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