New product :Outdoor Girl Introduces Vehicle Roof Rack Lift Assist System for Stand-Up Paddleboards

Outdoor Girl, a Colorado-based manufacturing company, has introduced its first product in the Outdoor Girl Rack System (OGRS) line. The company’s lift assist system for stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) was designed by women paddle enthusiasts who grew tired of struggling to load heavy, unwieldy boards onto a vehicle roof-top carrier. The OGRS’s hydraulic lift assist allows the average woman to easily load and transport her equipment by herself. The board is loaded at waist level, then hydraulics aid in lifting it up onto the vehicle’s roof.

Two gals, two paddle boards, two cars, zero racks and two fast-paced lives. Outdoor Girl is the brainchild of two busy single women who are executives and moms, Alicia Svaldi and Heidi Hostetter, who bought paddleboards during the summer of 2012. They fell in love with the sport, and started spending more and more time on the water. They also discovered the trials and tribulations that come with transporting large, awkward equipment like paddleboards.

The Outdoor Girl Rack System idea was born on a lake, while paddling away while discussing business and families. What if women could transport their gear more easily? How much more quickly would the sport of stand-up paddle boarding grow, and how much healthier would society be? The Outdoor Girl Rack System empowers users to get out there and live their adventure.

This first product in the Outdoor Girl Rack System is a lightweight aluminum mechanism designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA at the company’s Arvada, Colorado facility to load and carry stand-up paddleboards. It features a hydraulic assist unit to make loading and unloading a board onto or off of a vehicle rooftop rack system safe, fast, easy, and convenient. Adapters are available to fit the product to any brand-name rooftop vehicle rack.

This is the first in the Outdoor Girl Rack System not only because of the founders’ interest in paddleboarding, but also because SUP is currently one of the fastest growing activities in the nation. Future OG products will accommodate kayaks and canoes.

Outdoor Girl was recently granted a provisional patent for its product, and will be exhibiting at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City this week. The Outdoor Girl Rack System is coming to vehicle roofs and shorelines near you in the summer of 2013.

About Outdoor Girl
The Outdoor Girl Rack System is designed to help the average, active, outdoor girl who just wants to get to and fro, quickly and easily, confident that her equipment is safe and secure during transport. Outdoor Girl was built on the vision of: Providing women with the liberation of easily transporting their gear; manufacturing its products in the USA; and supporting efforts to cure cancer. Outdoor Girl: for the girl that cares about her rack. For more information, visit http://www.outdoorgirl.us or call (303) 517-6541. You can also find Outdoor Girl on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/outdoorgirl.us.

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