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OT Chips
OT to Launch Wireless Helmet Audio Integration System, Bern Unlimited CoLab and More at Industry Trade Shows in January
Los Angeles, CA (January 21, 2013) -- Outdoor Tech® (OT), an innovator in bringing mobility and technology to the great outdoors, will unveil a collection of exciting new wireless audio accessories at the Outdoor Retailer (OR) Winter Market and Snowsports Industries of America (SIA) Snow Show later this month. Designed with the needs of outdoor enthusiasts in mind, OT will release a wireless helmet audio integration system called the Chips and the Armadillo, a rugged and waterproof wireless boom box. Additionally, OT has announced a collaboration with action sports head protection specialist, Bern Unlimited. The two companies have combined forces to create the OT/Bern Wireless Audio Helmet System, which will also make its debut at SIA. Details are as follows:

OT Chips | MSRP $129.95
OT’s patent-pending method of delivering wireless audio to helmets will transform the way people ride and ski with their music. The system allows people to interchange the Chips into any helmet that has a slot for audio (though Bern has created a knit specifically for use with the Chips), providing full control of your phone or music source wirelessly with no clunky knobs or exterior buttons. The fully equipped system boasts Hi-Fi wireless sound, water resistance, 8 to 10 hours of battery life and a built in mic.

OT Armadillo | MSRP $229.95
The Armadillo fuses the same highly modern design of OT’s original wireless boombox, the Turtle Shell, but doubles the size. It also doubles the sound with daisy chain functionality that allows you to play two Armadillos simultaneously for the ultimate sound experience. The AirPlay® feature is ideal for those iOS users who wish to have a stylish wireless speaker that connects flawlessly to their device. The Armadillo also has an integrated USB port, enabling the user to easily power up other devices. In short, the water and dust proof Armadillo is a party waiting to happen.

OT/Bern CoLab
Available to consumers for the 2013-14 winter season, the system features OT developed Chips that are designed to fit Bern’s new innovative audio knit in their top of the line helmet models, allowing riders to answer calls and listen to tunes with full play, pause, skip track and volume control capability, without removing their helmets and without any exterior buttons or controls.
According to OT Founder Caro Krissman, the OT-Bern collaboration is a logical partnership based on both companies’ desire to enhance the experience of doing what you love. “We have been itching to develop the best helmet audio solution possible,” said Krissman. “To release it with a partner like Bern has been a lot of fun and the response has been overwhelmingly positive so far. After going out on a limb to reshape audio in helmets it’s cool to get the industries reaction, we are crazy excited about them.
For more information on Outdoor Tech, the OT Chips, the Armadillo and OT/Bern Wireless Audio System, visit Outdoor Tech at Booth #657 during SIA or Booth # 38120 during OR. For media inquiries, contact Beth Jahnigen Pappas with 8150 Consulting/Outdoor Tech at beth@8150consulting.net.

Outdoor Tech® is a design focused accessory brand blending fashion and technology, with the outdoors and action sports. Wireless audio, from the Turtle Shell Rugged BoomBox to the Chips helmet audio integration, is the signature line of the brand, but it’s the potentially iconic logo, the Yowie®, that is most recognized by diehards and casual fan alike. Based in Los Angeles and founded in 2010 by Caro Krissman and Mike Kristal as a means to escape the mold and follow the belief that you should not be tethered to the mundane, Outdoor Tech’s mission is to design and create stylish functional outdoor accessories that you probably want.

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