Business Statistics : Sporting goods stocks rise by 28.8% globally

The combined stock market value of the sporting goods companies trading on stock exchanges around the world rose to $216.3 billion in 2012, up by 28.8 percent on 2011 in terms of local currencies, on a weighted average basis, and taking into account changes in the number of outstanding shares.

Curiously, together, the 13 European-based companies on the annual stock chart of Sporting Goods Intelligence experienced the highest growth at 38.3 percent, in spite of the latest recessionary trends on the continent. Their performance was driven by currency-neutral gains for Luxottica, which is the parent company of Oakley, and 33.6 percent for the Adidas Group. Sports Direct International gave a boost to the European score, with its stock rising by 88.0 percent to the equivalent of $3.5 billion. Luxottica and Adidas had the highest market capitalization after Nike, which ended the year at $46.5 billion, but its value went up by only 5.1 percent in the course of 2012.

VF Corporation easily made it into the fourth spot, followed by Lululemon, the fast-growing American activewear retailer, and by Shimano. The biggest gain was recorded by Cybex International, and the biggest loser was Deckers Outdoor Corporation. Looking at the various sectors of the market, companies in the sports equipment sector fared the best. As in previous years, the sporting goods industry outperformed other sectors of the economy, but this time it was not the case in Asia.

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