Retail Store News : Sports 2000 ( DE ) sobering growth year ended December

Well begun, then waned considerably - the December 2012 failed to meet the expectations of the Sport 2000 Members. The revenues were almost exactly the same level as December 2011, a marginal decline of 0.4 percent year on year the merchants had to cope with yet. The full year, however gave a revenue increase of 4.3 percent.

Sports 2000 Director Andreas Rudolf says: "December was on the whole extremely sobering. Although he started at the beginning very well, but after the thaw came and the temperatures were rather springlike places, melted sales also collapsed. We were after but weak input from last year counted from minus 12.9 percent, with more and are unfamiliar with the decline of 0.4 percent in December satisfied."

See positive from the year-round viewing. Sports 2000 had planned at the beginning of 2012 with a growth rate of at least three percent. "Our partners have performed with an increase of 4.3 percent. I think so we can "be very satisfied, accounted for Rudolf. In 2011, the members of the Main Hausener composite group still suffered a decline of 2.6 percent.

( German Source Spomo.de )

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