Retail and web News : New online distribution system "fire cloud" is presented at the ISPO

The Bike Store Bionicon on the Euro Bike 2012 presented virtual trading platform with mobile integrated sales and payment system (see RadMarkt.de 11/2012) is now available under the catchy name "fire cloud" on the sports fair ISPO in Munich 2013 (3.-6.2.) (vorgestellt. More companies should jump 

Bionicon Vaco Technology AG has been able to inspire another company from his home region Tegernsee for its new marketing concept. Under the auspices of this exhibiting at ISPO VACO12-maker in collaboration with pioneering Bionicon now that online system presents to distribute to the partners without pre-financing and their products on a commission basis. The dealer is thus taken any risks. More detailed information to see RM 11/2012.

"I know from personal experience how unnerving the business in retail: price pressure from online trading, Beratungsklau and price wars between competitors are just a few examples," explains Vaco manager Peter Fiedler, "we wanted our partners open a new path to, the pre-financing and risk irrelevant. We have achieved this with the fire cloud. "

The system is both simple and ingenious: "On an e-commerce platform, the products are sold to the end customer. The selling price is fixed and therefore the same for all. A pre-order is eliminated, the distributor has as desired situation and storage and / or test products on hand. After each sale is automatically on the system, the commission paid. "

With fire in the cloud back Vaco is now looking for other partners who want to benefit from this distribution system. It is suitable especially for those companies that do not know exactly how to target their customers otherwise nationwide. Fire cloud partners were found by their customers online.
The young start-up company developed Vaco TTechnology AG under the brand VACO12 sports products, are required for the safety and optimal adaptation using small beads-Vacuum cushions. The idea was üon the coming out of the medical Vaco nut OPED GmbH, which is in their orthoses on this filled with polystyrene (PS) beads vacuum cushion. She intends to extend this technology to other areas.Oped GmbH. Together with its subsidiary companies Vaco Technology AG, Isuro Valife AG and AG in Medicine Park Valley 30 kilometers south of Munich at home 

Because you next Vaco Technology also Isuro Berührungsspunkte with the bicycle theme, the RadMarkt was late last year when OpEd & Co. in Medicine Park to visit. More on that in a future RadMarkt spending.

( Source text Jo Beckendorff through radmarkt.de, Psoter: Bionicon

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