retail store news: Intersport, summery August spurred running and swimming segment.

Later came the summer, but then with power: The August showed its midsummer page. Of this, sales of the Inter-athletes benefited with the assortments swimming, football and running. In total, members of the Heilbronn network group generated last month one percent higher sales than in August 2011.The August 2011 had the dealers still brings a revenue increase of three percent.  

Then enthused the trade about weather changes, the temperatures fluctuated between cool and warm. Therefore, the revenue from outdoor textiles in August 2011 were also significantly higher than in the hot August 2012. The Spring / Summer 2012 (March to August) ended at the Inter athletes with a slight increase of one percent. The previous season was still failed par. 

Running shoes and swimwear frontRunning, always running: In the last month, ensured the runners for attractive revenues for sports retailers. Running shoes were the hit of the month of August and the ranges hard goods and sports shoes. Running clothes was in the textile segment also a positive phenomenon. Hit of the month here were swimming shorts and bikinis, the hot summer weather due. Bathing suits and shoes, goggles and beach volley balls sold also above average. 

Outdoor Jackets sufferTrekking Sandals also benefited from the hot temperatures. Table tennis bat also attractive selling washed into the coffers of the Inter athletes. Backpacks and bags and children's shoes were also the focus of the customer. Even at less spectacular articles dealers had joy: The classic T-shirts and short athletic shorts made for sales. Victims of storybook weather outdoor jackets were that at temperatures above 30 degrees were hardly buyer. 

Hardgoods at the topAnd the ranges in August could Hartware climb with an increase of five per cent, the top of the podium. Sports shoes covered with an increase of three percent rank 2, only textiles had to cope with a loss, which amounted to two percent.

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