Business news :Lotto sells Etonic

Lotto Sport Italia has decided to concentrate on its own brand. It has sold Etonic, the American producer of running, golf and bowling shoes that it bought in 2006. The buyer is the Anthony L&S Footwear Group (AL&S), a U.S.company that markets mostly casual and lifestyle footwear under various brands including Adio, Bob Marley, Cadillac, Fubu, Levi’s Mountain Gear, Farm and U.S. Polo Association. AL&S will probably want to reposition Etonic as a brand of lifestyle vintage casual footwear because of its long heritage, after trying to compete against major players in the running and golf markets. Lotto says it is leaving the brand in good shape, with a nice collection and no inventories, after a major cleanup of the line and its distribution.

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