New product and concept :Peugeot Unveils Hybrid Onyx Supertrike Concept.

French manufacturer Peugeot is not very well known on the USA. Sure, some people may have heard a thing or two about Peugeot’s cars, but it’s easy to forget the company also produces scooters. Next week,

Peugeot will present its new Onyx supercar concept at the Paris Motor Show, but it won’t be alone. By its side will be a bicycle concept and the Onyx Supertrike concept pictured above.

The Onyx Supertrike is still just a design concept at this point but it does have some interesting features. With two wheels on the front end and one at the rear, the Onyx Supertrike resembles the Piaggio MP3. The Onyx however has a large hump in the middle.

This hump is part of the Onyx Supertrike’s transformer function, allowing it to convert from a sporty trike to an urban commuter. In sporty mode, the rider leans over the hump and positions his feet on the rear footrests. Remove the hump however and the Onyx Supertrike resembles the MP3 with feet forward positioning and step-through scooter design. We’re not sure how practical this feature is, but again, it’s a design concept, not a production model.

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