Business News :Lafuma confirms talks with E-Land

The Lafuma group’s shares rose sharply on the Paris stock exchange this afternoon after the French outdoor and action sports group confirmed that it was holding talks for a potential takeover by E-Land from South Korea. Lafuma emphasized that the talks were very preliminary, with no certainty of any deal. E-Land is a conglomerate that owns scores of fashion brands; operates as a licensee for several sports brands; and runs a large-scale retail network. Lafuma’s capital is currently spread between several entities and individuals, none of them owning a majority of the group.


About Lafuma :
Based in France, Lafuma owns the Lafuma, Millet, Oxbow, Le Chameau and Ober brands. The company returned to profitability in the fiscal year ended Sept. 30, 2011, reporting net income of €3,88 million on a 1.6 percent increase in revenues, which reached €249.4 million..

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