New product :Hiking Boots go Minimal, Get Weird...

The trend of minimal footwear is not lost on hiking boot manufacturers. After years of boots getting lighter and more flexible, a few companies are now going to the extreme.

One brand, Lizard Footwear of Italy, sells its to-be-released Kross Scramble as a “minimalist hiker.” Flexible, low-profile, and lightweight, the boot looks at first glance like something designed for use in water.

It is one of the more unusual “boots” I’ve ever put my hands on. At a recent trade show where the Kross Scramble was on display, I twisted it in hand and bent the sole back on itself.

The shoe-boot is scheduled for release next year. Like barefoot-style running shoes, the Kross Scramble will allow your foot to flex and move freely inside. The midsole is thin, too, so you’re close to the ground.
Lizard’s flexible upper uses a tough Kevlar-infused fabric, called Schoeller-Keprotec, which adds strength to the minimal design. The footwear cinches on with a stretchy lace and it fits more like a moccasin than a bulky boot. ....

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( by Stephen Regenold is founder and editor of www.gearjunkie.com.)

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