Retail store news :Sports 2000: August weather clears the summer warehouses

On a sales increase of 4.2 percent to the members of the Sport 2000 group forward in August. The fantastic summer weather with temperatures of over 30 degrees caused a selling impulses that came to sports retailers to property.

Cumulatively, the dealer may yet look forward to a growth of 6.2 percent. The August 2011 had the Sport 2000 members still brought a revenue increase of exactly four percent. Cumulatively, the proceeds of the dealers were then almost exactly at the same level, a marginal increase of 0.1 percent was 2011 to book.

Running mode and provide frequency
Sports 2000 CEO Andreas Rudolf expressed satisfaction with the outcome of last month. It was nice to observe that even the August 2000 have in the sport partners had a positive effect with an increase of 4.2 percent, and accumulated an increase of 6.2 percent was recorded. "Seems much more important to me, however, that the partners at the beginning of August, just could not make good sales with summer items and thus could clean up the summer camp," said the association manager. Here is the beautiful, warm weather has helped the dealership. Rudolf: "Running with the first fashionable parts, such as light down jackets but also the first fleece part, have ensured the end of August for good frequency. The month of August was safe in multisport been even more positive if the supply situation of some well-known suppliers were not so satisfactory. "

( German source  spomo.de )

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