Business news : Sportsman's Delight GmbH assumes trademark of Pyua

The Kiel-based clothing brand Pyua transferred its trademark rights to the Sportsman's Delight GmbH, based in Stuttgart. Pyua had previously worked in marketing especially with the Grofa GmbH "House of Brands" (Bad Camberg).By entering the Sportsman's Delight takes Pyua future sales themselves do this, a team of seven sales people up, announces Pyua founder Timo Perschke. This is made up of salaried sales force and independent sales representatives. The German market serve four people, two in Switzerland and Austria for a field staff scheduled."Pyua can expand with the new owner of its enormous potential and position in the international winter sports clothing range," says Perschke. Between him and the Sportsman's Delight GmbH no funds were flowed. When Pyua team at the Baltic Sea according to Perschke everything remains the same. 

Advertising campaign and store:
Realignment also includes a four-stage campaign, which began in September and the consumers "nationwide to bring the uniqueness of Pyua closer and support local trade" is. In this context Pyua will be present for the first time with ads in magazines such as "Glamour" and "GQ". Perschke thereof hopes to reach a wide audience, especially the so-called LOHAS target group (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability). In selected cities, Pyua also shows - in cooperation with dealers - on billboards. Similarly run a B2C online campaign with selected retailers. In Switzerland, the brand in the cinema advertising is active.Moreover Pyua opened in October in Kitzbuehel his first own concept store and a test center. Here, the company intends to bring to the consumer the "world of recycling" closer and make the products for those interested palpable and tangible.

( German source spomo.de

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